Cuisine without borders - From Israel to India (Vegan friendly)

Situated in the heart of Moscow, on ulitsa Maroseyka close to metro station Kitay-Gorod, the second Lancheriya / Laflafel serves the food of traditional Israeli to Indian cuisine.

A menu influenced by the rich cultures of Israel, Middle and Far East and India.

The passion in their cooking has been nurtured in this cultural mix, and they’ve given it a contemporary approach.

The essence of Israeli food comes from its soul, from generations of different cultures from the Middle East to Europe who picked the best of each dish and added their own twist.

The menu of Lancheriya / Laflafel is electic and full of flavours.

Delicious hummus packed with the flavor of tahini and olive oil, sambar, the south Indian lentil-based soup or the falafel burger that will satisfy burger lovers and vegetarians alike, at Laflafel you get cuisine without borders: the vibrant flavours of Israeli and Indian food in Moscow.

Even Vegans come on their taste.

New Lancheriya on Maroseyka

Address: Address: Ul. Maroseyka 4/2, p. 1

Metro: Kitay-gorod

Phone: +7 495 204 20 67

Lancheriya Laflafel

Address: 16 Maly Kazyonny Pereulok

Metro: Kurskaya

Phone: +7 499 346 73 85

Picture source: Laflafel Facebook