"Meat" Moscow's best burgers!

Burger, it's the food trend favourite that will never die!

Burger lovers, it's that time again, the fight for the best burgers in the city is back!

We have chosen the best burgers of Moscow, because it's never a bad time for meat in a bun! Feast your eyes on the top burgers of the Russian capital.

Our list of the best selections guides you to the most delicious and juiciest burgers in town.

We hope you enjoy every bite!

Voronezh - Best burger 2017

Is a burger lover's paradise at Voronezh on Bolshaya Dmitrovka!

As a stylish Burgeria version of the eponymous restaurant, by Alexander Rappoport at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, this lively burgeria serves all kinds of meat - from pastrami sandwiches to deli steaks.

The special is the Grand Burger, a 250 gram patty with bacon, caramelized onions and secret sauce (520 rubles).

Address: Bolshaya Dmitrovka 12

Metro: Teatralnaya

Phone: +7 965 413-48-18


Bearded men, plaid shirts, bourbon and burgers — We are talking about Lumberjack Bar, located close to Kitay-Gorod metro station.

This is probably one of the city’s most celebrated burgers!

This baby is made of best organic marbled beef.

Lumberjack's aim - To serve delicious burgers along with some other treats!

Address: Bolshoy Spasoglinishchevskiy per. 3, str. 5

Metro: Kitay-Gorod

Phone: +7 967 061 00-06


The meat in a bun that Meating offers, is definitely worth getting your chops around!

There are six burgers to choose from, such as the "Classical Burger" with fried pepper or with onion confit and cole-slaw salad (all for 300 rubles).

Address: 4-y Syromyatnicheskiy per. 3

Metro: Kurskaya

Phone: +7 985 727-37-76

Burger Heroes

This one is from the creators of popular Gyros for Heroes.

Heroes sells seven types of homemade burgers for 300 rubles such as "Super Mario" with boletuses, or "Black Mamba" with smoked bacon and cherry.

Any burger can be changed or added to it's own taste.

Address: ul. Bolshaya Ordynka, 19 стр. 1

Metro: Tretyakovskaya

Phone: +7 499 399-35-96

Burger & Pizetta

The different fast food experience with an hipstery twist.

This place offers juicy burgers, made by the highest qualitative marble beef provided exclusively by only Russian suppliers and with signature brioche buns which are baked with a secret old traditional receipt.

The portions are generous and the prices eminently reasonable.

Address: TC Evropeysky square 2nd floor atrium Berlin

Metro: Kievskaya

Phone: ±7 495 968 53 73

Burger Brothers

The Burger Brother's offers guests a small selection of burgers at reasonable prices.

Such as the all "American Burger" with fresh red onions and tomato, "Ginger Burger" with beef cutlets, ginger-tomato sauce, onion rings and spinach or the "Cheddar Burger" with cheddar cheese and red onion sauce.

Address: Bersenevskiy per., 5с1

Metro: Tretyakovskaya / Kropotinskaya

Phone: +7 925 549-31-25