A Russian underwater world

Run by one of Moscow’s top restaurateurs Maison Dellos, restaurant Волна / Wave is located on Tverskoy Boulevard and boasts sleek with simple, but eye-catching interior with plenty of waterworld allusions and a menu offering a wide range of fresh fish and seafood from literally every quater of the country, simply but professionally cooked.

The food is super fresh, delicious and comes from ethical sources across the country.

(Wild Arctic sturgeon, Narva lamprey and smoked eels from the Baltics or wild Murmansk salmon and halibut from the Far East and many more...)

The menu designed by Brand Chef Andrey Makhov (the permanent chef of Café Pushkin), creates an extensive and simple menu of freshest fish and seafood that’s offered to cook in a variety of ways to suit every plate.

Imagine a river bank, where fishermen are cooking their catch – This was Andrey Makhov vision, while he was working on the menu.

The cuisine of Wave cannot be defined from any particular region, as it spans across whole Russia.

On the menu you’ll find dishes like sliced ​​fish from the northern sea, served with a poppy 950 rub or cutlet of walleye, tender and juicy, stuffed with crab meat and served with spicy seaweed and vegetables 690 rub.

Come and be inspired by the Russian underwater world

Address: Tverskoy Boulevard 26 с. 2

Metro: Tverskaya / Pushkinskaya

Phone: + 7 495 025-00-15


Picture source: Волна Facebook