ресторан Клево / RESTAURANT KLEVO

Get a touch of the Crimean magic

Together with the oyster farm „Crimean Seefood“, Arkady Novikov's newest project, restaurant Клево / Klevo will open on Petrovka ulitsa next week.

You'll find in a pleasant and stylish atmosphere a great choice of domestic seafood.

This place can also score with an eye catching ice-filled showcase, displaying a rich variety of Russian fish and seafood, an oyster bar zone, where guests can get raw or baked oysters for

150 Rubles apiece and with the the wood-burning stove, where fresh flatbread is baked in front of your eyes.

Klevo will thrille its guests daily with the highest quality and welcomes all seafood lovers to enjoy the purity and freshness of their dishes.

The menu designed by Head Chef Zahar lvanchenko, a student of Uilliam Lamberti and Bruno Marino, creates an extensive menu of freshest fish and seafood that’s offered to cook in a variety of ways to suit every plate.

Oysters and mussels on sizzling hot frying pans, shrimp in a spicy marinade with arugula and sun-dried tomatoes, red and grey mullet, bluefish and Black Sea turbot, just to name a few.

Get a touch of the Crimean magic, Klevo's speciality dishes leave you wanting more.

Address: Petrovka ulitsa 27

Metro: Tverskaya / Pushkinskaya

Phone: +7 495 790 15 96


Picture source: Klevo Instagram and Facebook