The "Bubbly Breakfast" from Hong Kong

Bubbly for breakfast?

Yes, please!

We’re talking about bubbly waffles.

These funky looking egg waffles are a classic Hong Kong street food and thanks to Wake Cup Cafe we now know what egg puffs aka eggettes, egg waffles with bubbles, or gai daan tsai 雞蛋仔 in Cantonese, are supposed to taste like.

The first bite is crispy, then the softness inside will melt in your mouth.

Wake Cup Cafe offers a selection of sweet and salty varieties, such as cheese and ham for 168 rubles or with whipped cream and fruits.

However you eat them, just do it quickly, the waffle's only good while fresh.

If you want more than just egg waffles, not that you need anything else, this place also sells different sandwiches, salads and some sweet sins like the hot chocolate brownie with ice cream for 159 rubles.

Have we made you hungry?

So come and get a piece of this Hong Kong breakfast!

Address: 5/1 Ulitsa Nizhnyaya Maslovka

Metro: Savyolovskaya

Phone: +7 905 507 3034