Caviar and Russian delicacies

Situated on the second floor of the National hotel, Alexander Rappoport’s new restaurant Beluga and Caviar brasserie eludes Russian style glamour and food.

Beluga brings together a variety of Russian delicacies, a caviar brasserie and unique selection of signature wines to infuse the ultimate satisfying fine dining experience to guests.

At restaurant Beluga as you approach near you realize caviar's are of many glimmering colors ranging from gold grey black to red.

A few glimpse and you're captivated all you are able to do is to admire the elegant spectacle of colors radiating from within.

Beluga presents a large selection of 10 of the finest black and red caviar for every taste and budget.

In addition to a large selection of caviar, Beluga is serving caviar sandwiches, caviar tasting sets and great assortment of other fine dishes (such as сугудай/Sugudai from muksun - a salmon with potato and onion caviar) along with a selection of champagne, wine and delicious signature cocktails.

Head Chef Evgeny Meshcheryakov, winner of the international competition Bocuse d'Or Battle - 2014, creates an artful combination of local ingredients and flavors with creative and innovative preparations.

The guests at Beluga will have a wonderful atmosphere, an excellent and attentive service and an exquisite, Russian cuisine, where the priority is always on freshness and quality.

Address: Mokhovaya St, 15/1 Hotel National

Metro: Okhotny Ryad / Teatral’naya

Phone: +7 495 901-03-36


Picture source: Restaurant Beluga Facebook