Ceviche, music and more

Cevicheria seafood restaurant and bar on Prechistenskaya Embankment has just opened and could become one of the coolest places in Moscow to sample ceviche.

Ceviche have been enjoyed for centuries in Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Remember that ceviche is an afrodíaco!

Brand chef of Cevicheria Timur Abuzyarov (Wine Religion, Bao + Bar) and his authentic interpretation of this traditional South American dish will catch the imagination of the public.

Preparation is deceptively simple, with raw fish or seafood diced into bite-sized pieces and marinated in citric juice, salt and various seasonings.

In addition to eight different ceviches, such as the Far East shrimp with lemon kimchi and smoked Suluguni (890 rubles), the menu also offers six main dishes, various soups and salads and desserts.

One major reason for the popularity of Peruvian food is that it’s great for health conscious people and it’s easy to avoid fatty dishes and excess carbs.

At Cevicheria you'll only find the freshest fish and seafood!

Accompanied by cool house music, the bar offers 15 types of gin, such as Gin Mare from Spain or Monkey 47 from Germany, 7 types of tonics (which is very rarely found in Moscow) and various Pisco cocktails.

The wine list of Cevicheria is small, only 30 positions, mainly white and sparkling and some red wines were carefully selected.

Address: Prechistenskaya Naberezhnaya 15 p.1

Metro: Park Kultury / Kropotkinskaya

Phone: +7 495 132-23-77


Picture source: Cevicheria.Moscow Facebook