Along the culinary Silk Road

OXUS Moscows newest Uzbek restaurant celebrates the melting pot of cultures in this corner of the east, offering traditional dishes with a contemporary touch.

Uzbek cuisine which is a significant part of their culture and tradition is known across the world for its mouthwatering flavors and fragrances.

Uzbekistan which is also an integral part of Central Asia has become one of the most sought after places for travel and tourism.

Their food habits have been shaped by the weather conditions.

A country dotted with mountains and deserts, fertile valleys were found in plenty which resulted in the cultivation of grain and livestock.

Hence their foods mainly consisted of meats and different types of grains that were not only healthy but when teamed up with other ingredients and cooked well, also augmented the taste of the items manifold.

The majority of products is delivered from the countries of Central Asia to observe authenticity of tastes and technology of preparation.

The menu plays host to traditional dishes from Uzbekistan like the signature plov - a classic Uzbekistan dish of fried rice served with lamb and vegetables, but all with a modern and playful twist.

East kitchen is rich with aromas and is sated with tastes, to pick up to it wines which will make equal couple, not easy.

The wine list of the sommelier Vladislav Markin copes with this task.

It includes both classics of the wine market, and the positions which are picked up directly to dishes in the menu.

OXUS is ready to show the Moscow locals the culinary delights and fusions which are common place in the "jewel of the Silk Road".

Address: Trifonovskaya ul., 24с1

Metro: Mar'ina Roscha

Phone: +7 495 681 80 00

Picture source Facebook OXUS