A slice of Japan

The legendary Japanese chef Seiji Kusano opened his restaurant Seiji in 2004 on Komsomolskiy prospect, and since that time it remains one of the top Japanese restaurants in Moscow.

Restaurant Seiji combines the flavours of traditional Japanese cuisine with the dynamic trends of Moscow’s food culture. Under the supervision of chef Seiji Kusano, the team developed a menu that would preserve the delicate flavours of Japanese cuisine while adding the chef’s modernistic elements.

He creates real Japanese food highlights that would suit a wide range of palates such as Gong Caen with caviar of flying fish for 610 rubles, octopus sushi for 500 rubles (2 pieces) or Mishima Yaki lamb chops for 1840 rubles.

Quality has its price in this restaurant and is of the utmost importance to Kusano; he uses only the best ingredients available, including fresh fish from the Tokyo fish market of Tsukiji!

A special attention is paid to shabu-shabu, a Japanese style hot pot.

Shabu-shabu is a fun and healthy interactive dining experience. Thinly sliced marbled beef fillet along with various vegetables and noodles are cooked in a simmering broth in individual pots at the table. The term shabu-shabu is an onomatopoeia which is derived from the “swish-swish” sound made when the meat is quickly brushed back and forth through the broth to cook.

Beside great food restaurant Seiji offers a good choice of Japanese vodka, sake and wine.

So come and try a slice of Japan.

Address: Komsomolskiy prospekt, 5/2

Metro: Park Kultury

Phone: +7 499 246-76-24

Picture source: Seiji Facebook