Маджонг / MAHJONG

When six countries play together a culinary game

Located in the heart of Moscow on Kutuzovsky Prospect, Mahjong offers affordable yet contemporary Pan Asian Cuisine.

With its long history in various international countries, Asian food is something that most people think they know. But with over five centuries of history as well as a varied landscape and climate, the depth and breadth of Asian cuisine are almost unparalleled. Each geographical area has a distinct style of cooking and local ingredients. Mahjong’s extensive menu is created with a selection of light nibbles such as sushi & dim sum to classic dishes drawn from Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Indian cuisines, as well as more unique delicacies from mentioned regions.

Pan-Asian cuisine blends the finest ingredients from across the Asian continent to create a burst of flavours infused in every mouthful.

Mahjong offers a unique dining experience through innovative dishes, tea ceremonies, nice cocktails and contemporary and fancy decor.

A truly unique culinary journey through Asia.

Address: Kutuzovsky prospect 17

Metro: Kutuzovskaya

Phone: +7 985 588 55 00


Picture source: Mahjong

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