Есть бургер / EST BURGER

Delicious burgers and other treats

The burger boom rolls on and on!

We've seen the rise and fall of hot dogs, ribs and kebabs, but the cravings for burgers in Moscow never seem to die.

Burger restaurants and fastfood chains are popping up like mushrooms almost weekly.

Есть бургер / Est Burger is one of the newest additions to the Moscow burger scene opened on 1905 Goda Street.

Est Burger actually has a rocking formula: cool interior, reasonable prices (Burgers start from 250rub.), exceptional cooking and great quality, by using the excellent supplier Miratorg.

A blend of carefully selected cuts goes into each patty (from classic, black to ciabatta), for a depth of flavour that when combined with pickles, cheese, lettuce and many more as well different condiments of your choice, makes for a seriously good bite.

Есть бургер's aim is to serve delicious burgers along with some other treats.

So get your bite of Moscow’s newest burger!

Address: 1905 Goda Street, 11, c 1

Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda

Phone: +7 964 533 22 33


Picture source: Est Burger Facebook

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