Where authentic food meet music and entertainment

Bar BQ from the Tigrus Holding is a restaurant to spend time with friends and family to come together and enjoy authentic food (with an accent on meat dishes), socialising and entertainment in one.

Music and entertainment does have a big part to play here and can be enjoyed almost in every BQ Café 24 hours.

Each BQ Café has its own event calendar from stand up comedy to famous Tigrus Party and many more.

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In 2010, Bar BQ Cafe threw open its doors on Pyatnitskaya street and in a couple of years Henrik Winter and his wife Julia opened three more on Trubnaya square and in Okhotny Ryad and Khimki MEGA shopping mall.

In a few weeks they will open their fourth Bar BQ Café in Metropolis shopping mall and we're excited about it.

Bar BQ created a range of dishes like the Denver steak from Bryansk or the tasty Black Burger with a black squid ink bun and as well delicious cocktails and shots which speak of their dedication to sourcing quality ingredients and delivering impeccable taste.

Keep an eye out for nights where food and music combine in happy harmony!

Every Friday of the month all restaurants hold the Tigrus Party or Event.

1% from revenue received on that day is sent to a found which helps to preserve tigers in Amur region.

Better known as the Siberian tiger.

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As well you can always make a donation by ordering dishes with special tiger cost or telling one of the waiters.

So come and share their passion for authentic food, music, entertainment and the good cause.

Address: Bar BQ Café 25, Pyatnitskaya street

Metro: Polyanka

Phone:+7 (495) 258-09-95

Address: Bar BQ Café build.1/2 Manezhnaya square

Metro: Okhotny Ryad

Phone:+7 (495) 258-09-95

Address: Bar BQ Café 2, Trubnaya square

Metro: Trubnaya

Phone:+7 (495) 258-09-95

Address: Bar BQ Café MEGA Khimki shopping mall

Phone: +7 (495) 258-09-95

Picture source: own and Bar BQ Facebook