I Like it too

Following the success of the restaurants I Like Wine, I Like Bar and Beer & Brut, Vladimir Perelman, Mr. I Like did it again.

I Like Grill is his newest promising baby, opened in October on ul. Lva Tolstogo.

I Like Grill is on fire and most of the ingredients of the court are made on the grill, grilled to perfection.

With seasonal recipes, fresh ingredients, talented chefs and with an open grill of 3 meters in diameter, the center of attention of this place, they want to spoil their guests as much as they can.

At I Like Grill they believe these are the things you need to create a fantastic meal and set the right mood.

All of their produce is sourced as locally as possible, but inspiration knows no borders.

I Like Grill is designed for 120 guests and comes like its brothers, in an own unique and stylish interior design.

This Moscow restaurant is the ideal location for when you’re looking for a relaxed venue to eat with friends and family.

Address: ul. Lva Tolstogo, 18

Metro: Park Kultury

Phone: +7 903 253 41 41


Picture source: I Like Grill Instagram