Taste the good mood!

Jagannat cafe, a cozy place for lovers of vegetarian and vegan cuisine and for all who love original, tasty and exotic dishes.

The best of international healthy cuisines from India, Europe, Thailand, Mexico and China are served here.

Shaq paneer, spinach in creamy sauce seasoned with cottage cheese, Gave, a Indian bean soup a paella or Sabdzhi, fried stewed vegetables in combination with cottage cheese, just to name a few of Jagannat most popular dishes.

The food is mostly vegetarian, but they also have vegan dishes on the menu.

At this place you will find interesting communication, bright tastes and the mood impregnated with spirit of the East.

Jagannat cafes can be enjoyed several times in Moscow.

Address: ul. Kuznetskiy Most, 11

Metro: Kuznetskiy Most / Lubyanka

Address: ul. Maroseyka, 4

Metro: Lubyanka / Kitay-Gorod

Address: ul. Zemlyanoy Val

Metro: Kurskaya

Address: Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya ul., 9А

Metro: Taganskaya