Japanese Gastropub

Nomi is a type of informal Japanese gastropub (Izakaya) serving up skewers and small plates of Japanese comfort food.

The word "izakaya" is a compound word consisting of "i" (to stay) and "sakaya" (sake shop), indicating that izakaya originated from sake shops that allowed customers to sit on the premises to drink.

The Japanese restaurant scene in Moscow is flush with options for sushi and ramen.

But recently a new set of restaurants including Japanese gastropubs and casual canteens have debuted, broadening the options for Japanese dining.

Nomi is a small izakaya, designed for approx. 17 guests but has a pleasing sake, and craft beer list that pair perfectly with many of their skewers and small tasty comfort dishes like okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake filled with pork or squid or their Japanese kebab.

If you sit at the bar, you’ll have an up-close and personal view of the grilling of the skewers.

Address: Kalashnyy per. 9

Metro: Arbatskaya

Phone: +7 903 286 29 66

Picture source: Nomimoscow Instagram