Let the waiters entertain you!

Have you ever experienced a one-of-a-kind Vegas like showcase in a restaurant in Moscow?

It do exist!

When dinner alone is not enough there is the option to combine dinner and entertainment.

This new restaurant The Waiters is one of the unique restaurants located at the beginning of Yakimanskaya Embankment, opposite to "Red October“ serving food from all over the world like dorado ceviche salad with guacamole and peach or duck leg confit with curd balls, while enjoying the waiters sing and perform.

The Waiters has a seating capacity of approx. 150 people.

The said restaurant is also great for venues like weddings, gatherings, etc as it can accommodate plenty of people inside the area.

Visit The Waiters to experience entertaiment dining like no other in the capital!

Address: Yakimanskaya Emb., 4, p. 1.

Metro: Kropotinskaya

Ph.: + 7 495 737 80 08

Picture source: The Waiters Instagram