A culinary galactic journey

Roy & Pris is a stylish contemporary Chinese restaurant which creates an 80’s galactic „Blade Runner“ atmosphere, decorated with neon letters, wall-sized picture of the Milky Way and purple chairs.

The last thing that came to my mind was Chinese cuisine.

Located in the heart of Berlin on Weinbergsweg, Roy&Pris offers affordable yet contemporary and authentic Chinese cuisine, and bring the straightness of Chinese food culture on the table: no glutamate but honest and powerful flavors.

Its extensive menu is created with a selection of light nibbles such as sashimi & dim sum to classic and special dishes and delicacies drawn from all cantons of the country.

You can also choose between a small and a large menu for two persons, which includes for example: Filet of beef „Chinese Dragon Style“, flamed salmon sashimi, fingerlicking veal spare ribs, octopus with plum and many more.

You also have to try Roy & Pris signature dish, Man Tou.

A soft, whitish vapor bread made from wheat flour, water and yeast which is preferably eaten in northern China and Taiwan.

Here you eat it with pork belly, plucked Muscovy duck, roast beef, eggplant or shrimp with fresh cilantro, pickled vegetables and crispy wonton chips which are finely draped next to the steaming basket.

Just super yummy!

At Roy & Pris, sophisticated modern decor provides a stylish backdrop to creative interpretations of Chinese cuisine along with a superb wine list.

You even get Miraval Rosé, the rosé with "Hollywood Appeal" bottled by Jolie-Pitt & Perrin!

Berlin lovers, this new Asian hot spot is worth a galactic journey.

Address: Weinbergsweg 8a, Berlin

Phone: +49 176 2201 82 45

Picture source: Roy&Pris Facebook