Ресторан ERWIN.Река / ERWIN REKA

Cast off! Get ready for a culinary trip on the Moskwa!

The smaller brother of Alexander Rappoport’s well known restaurant "Erwin.Rekamoreokean", has just opened onboard one of the Radisson Royal yachts.

This big yacht with panoramic windows can easily overcome the ice in winter time.

Stylish sea themed interior design and spectacular views of the sparkling festive lights of winter Moscow outside the window will make your culinary jurney with Erwin Reka very unique.

This place thrilles its guests daily with the highest quality, freshest seafood prepared in beautiful style.

The menu of Erwin Reka is slightly reduced, but you’ll find most of the bestsellers such as caviar and oysters, crabs and crayfish, various shrimps from different Russian seas, and also a magnificent collection of regional delicacies, from the Baikal omul to Sosvinsky herring.

If you want to spoil yourself with a special experience, you should visit «Erwin.Река»

Address: Taras Shevchenko Embankment, mooring "Hotel Ukraine"

Metro: Kievskaya

Phone: +7 985 441 68 44


Picture source: Erwin Reka homepage