Become your own chef!

Pan Asian restaurant Asia Grill, a new Asparagous Group project and younger brother of the well-known restaurant Asia Hall (Shopping Center Vremena Goda) opend in the Barvikha shopping center Dream House.

In Asia Grill you can be part of a special journey.

With their tastes they take you to the most wonderful places of Asia.

You can travel to land of Japanese to Korean gastronomy and many more through the specialities of their Pan Asian cuisine.

For the first time you can become a chef and try your own table grill.

You can choose from meat, seafood or fish and many vegetables of course.

When dining at Asia Grill, you will encounter a unique Asian dining experience like no other.

This place allows you to choose what you want, and how you want it, with ease and enjoyment.

A visit to Asia Grill can be a new and wonderful culinary experience.

Address: Dream House, Rublevo-Uspenskoye sh., 85/1, Barvikha Moscow Oblast

Phone: +7 495 775 50 90

Picture source: Asia Grill homepage