Clear the stage for celebrity owned BLACK STAR BURGER

A few weeks ago, the new celebrity owned burger restaurant Black Star just opend at Novy Arbat.

When an average trendy Muscovite stand in line with 100 others for a burger, this burger must actually be in all mouth!

Burger lovers are spoilt for choice at center of Moscow following the opening of Black Star Burger.

Black Star is the name of famous Russian rapper Timati’s record label.


This place has a wide selection of burgers and even not meaty people will find there alternative vegi burger!

You can choose from a classic chees burger 180rub up to VIP burger 777 rub with feta cheese, truffle sauce and blackcurrant jam.

Each burger comes with black gloves, so your hands don’t get dirty ;)

Celebrities and fast food restaurants seem like an odd combination.

I’ve seen a lot of celebrity concepts flame out because the focus was put on celebrity and not enough on quality.

For example Britney Spear’s New York eatery Nyla, it just lasted 7 month.

Let’s see how the story for Black Star emanates.

Address: 15 Ulitsa Novy Arbat

Metro: Arbatskaya

Phone: +7 916 804 57 36