Cocktails served in an unusual way...

Schrödinger's famous cat got a new home.

Schrödinger's cat / Shelter bar is a bar experience of a special kind which is devoted to surprising and illuminating it's guests in the playful basement bar ­laboratory, hidden from view behind an unmarked door.

I can guarantee that you won't find anything like this in Moscow a second time!

The bar's main feature is that coctails are not served in the usual way.

Instead, you can try drinking them out of fish bags, robots, Ketchup bottels, light bulbs and much more.

Cocktail guru and a finalist in the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition, Yegor Stepanov has devised a concept and menu that delivers cocktail dreams to discerning drinkers.

Art students, Moscow locals and expats merge seamlessly and the atmosphere is always vibrant and exciting.

People at Schrödinger's are refreshingly there to dance, drink and have fun amid raw brick, pipes and steel.

To access Schrödinger’s cat you'll need to negotiate dank, grafitti covered stairways and forbidding steel doors - because after all, no self-respecting speakeasy is ever going to advertise its presence.

Come and get surprised!

Schrödinger’s cat is for sure an experience of a very special kind!

Address: Ulitsa Bolshaya Dmitrovka 32

Metro: Pushkinskaya/Tverskaya

Phone: +7 968459 22 10

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