Ресторан SOLUXE CLUB / Солюкс Клаб

Eclectic restaurant with Chinese world cuisine

Soluxe Club, a luxurious yet charming fine dining establishment, has a menu of traditional Chinese recipes.That statement may be an oversimplification of this fantastic restaurant though: the interior, richly decorated with ornate and opulent modern art plus unique fixtures, makes it difficult to focus on what’s on your plate, while the food itself is without question both elegantly presented and tasty.

It's a place, both elegant and seductively alluring. Glittering chandeliers, contemporary Chinese art in combination with a bright program with live execution from interesting actors and sets from famous DJs, every Friday and Saturday.

The restaurant is urged to show new, successful China – modern, rich, stylish.

The food is as stylish as it's taste.

Do try their Peking duck - the skin of the duck was delicious and crispy.

I can say, great food and ambiance and I loved the attention paid to all the details in food, presentation and decor.

Address: Kutuzovsky Ave, 2/1, стр. 6

Metro: Kievskaya

Phone: +7 495 785 77 70