Healthy is the new sexy

Healthy is the new sexy, this is the concept of FRESH and the idea of Irina Azarova, a convinced vegetarian and an expert on healthy lifestyle.

Azarova decided the confrontation with a healthy, contemporary lifestyle gastronomy concept.

With a fresh, nutrient-rich product mix, modern interior and an international atmosphere, FRESH stands for a new modern lifestyle and the need of a young, urban audience that strives away from nutrient-poor fast food and cheap production methods, to enjoyment, quality and a balanced healthy diet!

The philosophy of FRESH is authentic, transparent and clean.

With locations in Dimitrovka and Patriarshye ponds, FRESH is a Moscow "healthy" institution and their "EAT YOUR GREENS" salad (Edamame, savoy cabbage, cucumber, sunflower sprouts, parsley, cilantro and fresh protein boost mix on salad green) for 500Rub has become a must-have meal every time I go there.

The food is fresh, the recipes are interesting, the choices are numerous and the young, friendly and polite staff is full of energy and always eager to help.

What’s more?

The restaurant offers a daily delivery service (from 10am to 10pm), apart from the main menu the FRESH team also regularly invents special offers by using seasonal products and every summer a juice bar with tasty and healthy drinks operates in Gorky Park.

If you are a vegetarian or you simply like to eat fresh and healthy, then this is the place to go!

Address: ul. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 11

Metro: Lubyanka/Chekhovskaya

Phone: +7 965 278 90 89

Address: Ermolaevskiy per., 10/7

Metro: Tverskaya

Phone: +7 968 441 25 91