Мандарин.Лапша и утки - MANDARIN.NOODELS & DUCK

The stylish Chinese

Just a few weeks ago, Alexander Rappoport's new project, the Chinese restaurant Mandarin.Noodels & Ducks opend in one of the halls of the bar Mandarin Combustible at Bolshoy Cherkasskiy per.

As you can already tell by the name, the two main ingredients on the menu are noodels and duck.

In the menu there are 28 kinds of Chinese noodel, 15 dishes with duck and one with century duck eggs.

Every dish is a culinary delicious experience, but not as spicy as the original and without glutamat!

We went for the classic Peking Duck 980 Rubel and Wonton Soup, really delicious and in this very stylish Asian ambience, the food tasted even better!

I really like the atmosphere and the interior of this Chinese themed restaurant.

This is a place where you go out with friends to eat fresh and tasty Asian food and get in the mood for a nice night out.

When it comes to wine and cocktails, the list is quiet varied and prices lower than you would expect.

If you like eating Chinese food, especially noodels and duck in a stylish Asian ambience, you have to try Mandarin.Noodels & Ducks!

Address: Bolshoy Cherkasskiy per., 5

Metro: Lubyanka

Phone: +7 495 771 72 04