New Russian Cuisine - From Russia with Love

If you're looking for something different at Moscow gastronomic sky, this is where you should go!Lavkalavka is a farm restaurant with a country-like hipstery atmosphere, where best of local and seasonal produce is processed, and every food item on the menu is ascribed to an individual farmer.

The food choice is limited; nevertheless, the food is super fresh, delicious and comes from ethical sources across the country.

We ordered chicken breast with buckwheat which was beautifully presented with straw and eggshells, very tasty and the pork ribs with a lukewarm potato salad, was probably one of the best ribs I've tasted so far! The meat fell off the bones and was so tender and delicious, a burst of flavour!

The Russian Merlot we had, rounded the dinner off.

Also, the staff was super nice and friendly, and we spend a great evening at this place! If you value good food quality and if you like to taste a great new Russian cuisine experience, you have to visit the Farm Restaurant Lavkalavka!

I also recommend booking a table in advanced, as this place is quite popular.

Address: Ul. Petrovka, 21, стр. 2

Metro: Between Pushinskaya and Trubnaya

Phone: +7 495 621 20 36