Little Kitchen in Big City - Get a bite of NEW YORK

Sunday is the day when my kitchen is closed, and my husband and I usually go for breakfast.Yesterday we walked around Malaya Nikitskaya and ended up at FRIENDS FOREVER Cafe, a cute little American style cafe.I like the cosy and relaxed atmosphere of this place.When you come in, you feel somewhere in New York.The interior is arranged with warm beige/brown colours and has plenty of black and white historical photographs of Manhattan scenery, nicely framed covering the walls.

The menu offers variety too.You'll find all-day breakfast, different salads, pasta and pizza and amazing desserts, just the way I like them, lots of cream and berries, delicious!I love places that offer all-day breakfast, as it's on Sundays, my favourite meal of the day. We had the Champions breakfast with poached eggs, asparagus and smoked ham on top of toasted bread, garnished with a fresh pesto sauce and triplets potatoes. Very Tasty!

IIf you like to get a bite of NEW YORK, you must try FRIENDS FOREVER CAFE, one of the great places of FRIENDS FOREVER Company. On weekends I recommend you to book a table.

Pls note that this place moved - Pictures are from the old address.

Address: new: Malaya Nikitskaya ul. 2/1c1 (old: Bolshoi Kozichinskiy per. 18)

Metro: Pushkinskaya

Phone: +7 916 798 29 89

Picture source: own