First and foremost:


If you are open for business and charging your clientele full price, you are open for review.

We stand firmly and fully behind our position!

Moscow goes out writes about restaurants, bars, hotels and food trends.

With our reviews and images, we want to inspire our reader.

All texts and reviews on the website MOSCOW GOES OUT are subjective and reflect our personal opinion.

Our reviews are invariably honest and independent.

Therefore we report exclusively on restaurants and bars that convinced us.


To be fair in our texts is very important to us.

With the advent of blogs and real-time news, there has been much controversy over the fairness of such practices. There will always be service kinks, kitchen backups and other issues to tweak when a restaurant opens. We understand those factors and will certainly take them into consideration when passing judgement.

This also includes the observation that tastes, opinions and reviews are different from person to person.

We, therefore, leave the final verdict on a restaurant or bar to our reader.

We see our role to inspire and inform about what's new on Moscow's gastro sky.