June 15, 2020


Where will you find normally self-respecting Muscovite in summer?

Upon the roof or on a lovely terrace, that’s where!

Moscow's gastronomy will open its doors again tomorrow - businesses with terraces can once again welcome guests. However, there are certain restrictions.

Moscow does not lack institutions that will delight your desires of fresh air, views and greenery.

Moscow goes out is your...

April 25, 2019


Where will you find any self-respecting Muscovite in summer?

Up on the roof or on a nice terrace, that’s where!

Moscow does not lack institutions that will delight your desires of fresh air, views and greenery.

Moscow goes out is your guide to enable you to find the best restaurants in the capital  with an outside space, a magnificent panorama view or even a flowered garden!

Here’s our guide with so...

March 19, 2019


Recently, Arkady Novikov, restaurateur Anton Pinsky, and the Australian chef Glen Ballis, whose collaboration for an exciting project such as Avocado Queen is well-known, have opened the second joint restaurant - the Magura Asian Bistro.

The word "Magura" comes from the Aborigine language and means "fish" - this is the signature of Glen Ballis, who has worked alongside Australia for many years in Sout...

January 9, 2019

Japan is just a few steps away from you

Lucky Izakaya Bar is the modern inspiration of a small traditional Japanese restaurant and means something like "Sake-restaurant to sit down".

By the way, Lucky Izakaya Bar offers 14 types of sake.

The inspiration for this draws Glen Ballis and his chef Andrey Krasov, especially from the taste worlds of Japan and Southeast Asia.

And what is prepared in the open kitchen and on the traditional...

April 25, 2018

A culinary journey through East and West

The new restaurant Na Volne has opened on the place of the popular club Soho Rooms, a former emblem of Moscow's nightlife.

The team of Soho Rooms has decided to change the format closer to a spirit of the age with emphasis on gastronomy and less party.

Suspended between East and West, restaurant Na Volne welcomes you into its elegant and art deco setting with Chinese porcelain, expensive c...

December 13, 2016

When six countries play together a culinary game

Located in the heart of Moscow on Kutuzovsky Prospect, Mahjong offers affordable yet contemporary Pan Asian Cuisine.

With its long history in various international countries, Asian food is something that most people think they know. But with over five centuries of history as well as a varied landscape and climate, the depth and breadth of Asian cuisine are almost unparalleled. Eac...

May 6, 2016

Eclectic restaurant with Chinese world cuisine

Soluxe Club, a luxurious yet charming fine dining establishment, has a menu of traditional Chinese recipes.That statement may be an oversimplification of this fantastic restaurant though: the interior, richly decorated with ornate and opulent modern art plus unique fixtures, makes it difficult to focus on what’s on your plate, while the food itself is without question both elegantl...

April 20, 2016

It’s never too late to fall in love with mushrooms!

Restaurant Mushrooms is a new project of brand chef Vladimir Mukhin (Restaurant White Rabbit and KUTUZOVSKIY 5, also nominated as one of the best chefs in Russia) and chef Ilya Zaharov.

As the name already betrays, it’s all about mushrooms!

An exciting new concept, using different mushrooms in various dishes combined with European, Pan-Asian and Russian cuisine.

The menu is very...

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