February 13, 2020


Na Vina! is a small, vibrant neighbourhood wine bar & shop of a different kind on Kalashnyy lane. It's the place where you can meet other people who have the same passion for wine, something Na Vina! holds close to heart.

It's the story of the wine lovers Vladimir Basov and Artem Tskhakaya (Big Wine Freaks bars in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Max's Beef for Money) and creative group OPG Dobrykh Del(Go...

February 11, 2020

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE VERY BEST OF BREAKFAST If there is one thing a Moscovite cherish more than anything, it's a long late breakfast, from beautiful bowls of granola to hearty hangover fry ups, loaded with calories. Breakfast in Moscow can be an experience! Be it as a romantic couple, with the whole family or good friends. We'll tell you where breakfast is most worthwhile in the capital! (All restaurants offer...

April 17, 2019


As a food blogger who deals with culinary temptations on a daily basis, I'm always on the lookout to keep all this delicious treats from affecting my body negatively.

So I have to do something for my health and my body regularly.

I would like to do this with great pleasure, under expert guidance and in a really nice atmosphere, when I have to "WORK out". 

If you also want to find in...

February 22, 2019

Let's have a bite!

The burger boom in Moscow is still as strong as ever.

Burger lovers, it's that time again, the fight for the best burgers in the city is back! We have chosen the best burgers in Moscow because it's never a wrong time for meat in a bun! Feast your eyes on the top burgers of the Russian capital.

Our list of the best selections guides you to the most delicious and juiciest burgers in town.

We hope you enjoy every b...

February 8, 2019

Life's too short to be munching on soggy cereal!

Moscow has some really fantastic breakfast restaurants and cafes, we feel very lucky to live in a city where there is so much choice.

If you are like us and like to enjoy, but you would like to dance on the healthier side of life, we’ve found the best places in Moscow for you to get your weekend breakfast fix.

Plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free, whatever your requirements, one o...

January 29, 2019

For maximum flavour and good health

In the summer of last year, the Choice Healthy Social Club opened.

It's a new restaurant for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle.

The main concept of the project is a tasty, and healthy food and the menu of the project is mainly based on the principles of the flexitarianism.

Choice is a pure-food haunt for vegans, flexitarians and everyone in between.

The ideologue of the project, Irina A...

January 9, 2019

Japan is just a few steps away from you

Lucky Izakaya Bar is the modern inspiration of a small traditional Japanese restaurant and means something like "Sake-restaurant to sit down".

By the way, Lucky Izakaya Bar offers 14 types of sake.

The inspiration for this draws Glen Ballis and his chef Andrey Krasov, especially from the taste worlds of Japan and Southeast Asia.

And what is prepared in the open kitchen and on the traditional...

October 29, 2018

From Russia to Italy

Carving out a comfortable spot to unwind in the Russian city that never sleeps is easy, if you know where to look.

BB Cafe from the BB group is such a cozy neighbourhood restaurant located a stone throw of Novy Arbat, offering a relaxed take on European cuisine with a Russian and Italian focus.

The dishes of chef Vladimir Kovalenko, who used to cook in Italy and Switzerland are full of thought but most import...

October 22, 2018

Catch Me if you can!

Fish Me, the new seafood and fish temple on Novy Arbat.

Fine Mediterranean seafood and bold flavors emerge from their innovative compositions, by Italian Stephano Zaffrani, while simple preparations of whole fish and other offerings subtly tease the palate.

With a focus on seasonal products and the finest seafood, restaurant Fish Me ensures a dining experience unlike any other.

Guests can experience a variety...

October 5, 2018

Eat healthy, be nutrition wealthy... eat better, not less!

Not so many years ago, being vegan was about as fashionable as wearing white socks with sandals.

Now, of course, both are right on-trend. But hopefully meat-free eating will endure.

And numbers are rising.

Whether you’re craving soul food or creative sushi rolls, Moscow’s best vegan restaurants boast tasty fare that even meat eaters will want to order.

We’ve done the resea...

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