Moscow goes out is the leading online restaurant and food guide in English for the city of Moscow.

Our target groups are the Muscovites, expats, and tourists.

Since the end of 2015, Moscow goes out is a popular source of inspiration for the aesthetic aspects of life.

With more than 100.000 visitors per month, over 8k followers on Facebook and more than 36k followers on Instagram, we are an essential information medium for restaurant goers and food-lovers.


My name is Henriette, a German/Swiss expat with a global appetite.


The one constant in my life has always been my profound love for food. 

I'm just in love with it, and I get excited for a vibrant community of people who put food and drink at the centre of their lives as I do.

I was inspired to create Moscow goes out at the end of 2015 out of my own need for a passionate critic to identify. Moscow goes out has given me also the opportunity to give something back to the city I love so much.

Moscow goes out is on a mission to try anything and everything.

That's why we can't be monogamous to a restaurant or chef.

We're in love with food and always hungry for something new.

In our ideal world, we'd like to take a bite of everything, and in this food wonderland called Moscow, not a single restaurant must go uneaten, no dish untasted.

This city is our oyster; every plate our culinary playing field and food adventures are around every corner.

Today we speak a whole new language of food.

You may not have been to Japan, but you can get authentic Japanese Shabu Shabu right here, or try delicious Georgian Khinkali, which will take you mentally directly to Tbilisi, even you not have been there yet!


There's also a new generation of eaters that dines out nearly five nights a week, actively and vigorously searching for guidance to an exciting restaurant or must-try dish.

We rely on food-obsessed writers to filter through the good and unsatisfactory.


I created Moscow goes out to become YOUR culinary concierge that guides you to the best restaurants with the hottest menus in town for every occasion.


Until we eat again









Owner, Editor and Storyteller